What's your deep web story? *

Deep web as in tor.

But I imagine regular deep web users would stay away from sharing their experience so if you don't have a deep web story what's your most frightening internet story.

Edit: The front page was fun, but now its over.

Thank you for all the glorious stories, time to cry for the rest of my life.

Oiraves - "While I personally never received anything from any deep web affiliated salesfolk, I did live with a roommate who would constantly receive the weirdest broche, ures.

At first we'd receive brochures for like, cruise lines and the like, I wrote it off as junk main but they came so frequently, and they started getting stranger. Christian Mingle (Edited) brochures, brochures for any and all services one can think of. I felt kind of like someone was gaslighting me but I never said anything and the brochures would disappear as quickly as they would came so I didn't have time to stress it, until one day I walked in and my roommate was delicately cutting into a brochure and pulling out a small baggie of powder, motherfucker had hooked up with the most low key dealer I'd ever seen!"

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thrwy22123 - "Obviously a throwaway

This is from way back, when SR1 was still going strong.

I was looking for a certain substance, but couldn't find it in my part of the world for a decent price. Posted my request on the forum, and after a few days someone messages me with an offer. For some reason I accepted it and sent him around 200$. Of course I got scammed.

I didn't think much of it, but posted a warning to others about this guy, saying he scammed me out of 200$.

Few days later I get a message in my inbox saying something like this:

"Hey, I am a vendor and this guy tried to scam me too. He just ordered an ounce of MDMA from me, and an ounce of sweet sugar crystals are on the way to his mailbox. Please send me your BTC address and I will send you the 200$ he scammed you out of."

The next day I had my 200$ back and a deep respect for the darkweb community

TL;DR: Guys scams me out of 200$, someone else scams him of 700$ and refunds me my money.

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