This was the Diary found of Bob Saddle, found after he had killed himself.

November 11, 2001

Hi diary, I don't really know what to write here. Umm, I guess I will just write in this everyday about the most excited things happening to me.

If you are reading this for whatever reason and don't know me, I am Bob Saddle. I am 17 years old and a senior in high school, I love to make people laugh and I like to invent new things.

Nothing fun happened today except getting this. School was boring and we didn't do anything fun. Well, I will write more tomorrow. It is getting late so goodnight.

November 12, 2001

Hi guys, I came up with a great idea today! It isn't finished yet but I want to make a voice changer! You will spin a crank and talk into it and it will repeat you in a funny voice! I don't know how I will make this or what I will call it but I want to name it after myself, because I want everyone to know that I am a fun guy! Well, goodnight everyone! I hope your day was as good as mine!

November 13, 2001

I figured out how to make it and I got a great name for it! It will be called Talking Bob and I created a radio type system that will take the sounds from the portable speaker inside Talking Bob, transfer them to the local radio tower, where the file will be automatically corrupted and then spoke out of Talking Bob again! the only thing I have to deal with is that you have to spin the handle 6 times, not one and that he makes a screeching noise while the signals are sent to the tower. Oh well, hopefully this invention becomes a breakthrough. Goodnight everyone.

November 14, 2001